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On this lovely Spring day (we hope it is, anyway) we welcome you to the...

The Johnny's Fanfiction Concrit Meme
THIS is where you get to tell me about my writing.

♥ Comment for yourself only. Do not make threads for other people.

♦ You must write fanfic that focuses on Johnnys.

♣ Leave a link to your fic journal or masterlist.

♠ List the primary fandoms you write for. This is to help less well-known authors get some concrit.
This is something new we're trying in order to help people to find authors of their fandoms. There have been several complaints about how lesser known authors do not get concrit simply because... well, nobody knows them. To the concritters, please look through the comments (expand all → ctrl+f) and don't be afraid to try a new author out! They do want the feedback.

♥ Stay classy, girls and boys.

Friendly reminder! Please do not just goo at people or just flame them. Include good points and bad points, what you like, what needs to improve. Remember, there is no wrong or right in fanfiction, there is merely your opinion and I will delete/freeze as I see fit.


Insert your thread into the HTML and pimp this and yourself out!

• Captcha is off, so sorry if it still tries to shoot down your anon-ness •
• IP address logging is off as well •
→ Also! If you have any other suggestions about where to post this, I'm all for suggestions. Leave a note here.

EDIT: If you are being marked as spam (honestly I have no idea why, I've been through all my settings right now) please leave me a note in the suggestion box, I will fix it!
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